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CCTV Access Control Door Entry Assisted Living Gate Automation

Access Control

Controlled access, by means of keypad, proximity or biometric is now becoming rapidly used through out all sectors.

We offer a wide range of products from the leading manufacturers and will provide a tailored system to meet your requirements.

System Types


Simple access control system programmed locally holding up to 1000 users depending on the system.


Computer Managed System allows multiple control units, with multiple doors and access groups, which has been custom designed & programmed for the project.

With a variety of communications methods now available inc RS485, Broadband, GSM & GPRS allows remote control of the system.

Cloud based database storage

Pictorial User database

Card Design included & Printer function (Ideal for ID cards with Proximity)

Full monitoring of both controllers & doors (real time)

Time & Attendance. Standard with several manufacturers

Full reporting & diagnostics & Logging

GUI Graphical User Interface - Graphical maps and icons.

Any of the above makes it easy for the end user to manage their site/sites with ease.

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