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CCTV Access Control Door Entry Assisted Living Gate Automation

Closed Circuit TV

Within the 25 years we have been in the industry, CCTV, by far, has seen the biggest change of all. Innovations in technology has improved both the quality and the reliability of the systems.

The need to use coaxial cable is now rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Cameras can now be transmitted over twisted pairs, and even converted to IP or are IP based from the outset.

Combine this with using an existing network infrastructure, the end result can be CCTV images viewed on a PC, Tablet, Apple or android device, giving the end user the ability the view the images anywhere in the world if so required.

The massive improvement of Wi-Fi technology will also see the eradication of costly underground cable infrastructures, and this technology is improving by the day.

In the age of digital media the demand for high capacity storage has also enabled the recording of these images to be at a far better quality than ever before. The latest being HD (high definition).

New camera technology has enable us to deploy them in low light areas with out the need for additional lighting due to both sense up technology and on board IR (infrared) The introduction of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) has also enable us to deploy these cameras where the need for logging vehicles entering/leaving a premises is required.

The size of cameras has also enabled us to deploy them where the need for covert image recording is required. This being invisible to the naked eye.

This technology keeps improving and we ensure we keep up with these changes, and innovations, to provide a safer and securer environment.

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